Religious Leaders on Social Media

Yesterday, March 19th, 2016 Pope Francis made news by personally joining Instagram. As social media has become widely popular many religious leaders including Imams have joined these social media sites in order to better connect with their followers and of course to spread their message.
As a Muslim I am very happy to see that many Imams are joining these sites. Two of the Imams that I personally follow are Sheikh Yasir Qadhi and Sheikh Musleh Khan. 

I personally think that the presence of Imams on social media can be very beneficial in countering terrorism and in connecting to a large number of Muslims, especially the youth, on a platform that they already use extensively. 

Nowadays, we see many inhumane terrorist organizations such as ISIS using social media to recruit more people to help them in their perverted and completely un-Islamic goal. However, the presence of Imams is absolutely crucial in helping people realize the true peaceful message of Islam. The Imams are the ones who are educated in true Islamic theology and they are best suited towards countering the messages of terrorist organizations.

Furthermore, regardless of its benefits and harms social media is becoming increasingly popular amongst many different age groups. Without a doubt social media is very prevalent among the youth. Like many other things in life social media is filled with both positive and negative messages. However, the presence of Imams on these social media sites can ensure that Muslim youth are exposed to some  positive messages as well.

Furthermore,  many of the youth and young adult Muslims find social media as a very convenient means of communication. Perhaps it's safe to say that many young Muslims spend more time on social media than they do at their local masjid. Therefore, the Imams on social media are potentially able to reach a group of people who may not otherwise be exposed to the Imam's peaceful message and words of wisdom. 

Basically by using social media the Imams are doing young Muslims a huge favor by communicating with them on a platform that is most near and dear to them.